Elevator Pitch

I've never had more trouble than with the elevator pitch.  It seems like every time anyone asks me "what I do" I tend to answer differently.  Not depending on the person, but on me, my current state, my current feelings about my work, my current interests, my current mood.  I feel like it changes everyday and have been advised in the past to 'lock it down', which I believe is code for not-coming-across-as-an-amateur.  I reject this notion.  For Elevator Pitch, I would like to make a short blurb about me and my work, and will revisit it everyday for a year, changing it daily.  Maybe this will result in a super-immaculate pitch, or I may just come full circle.  Time to see.


Feb 10, 2016.

I consider the overlapping similarities in the act of exploration whether it based on political, personal, artistic, and scientific ideals. With an interest in translating data from various phenomena into simple, relatable objects, and exploring the unexpected outcomes of collaborative efforts.